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Project Steemo is a top down maze game that is set in a sci-fi theme. The players are required to explore different portals to find the right path, the wrong portal will bring u to a random place. There are two different types of enemies that have patterns that the player can counter against. It is not a shooting game but instead it is a 2D puzzle game. In the puzzle there will be enemies blocking the way, the players are required to overcome these obstacles in order to move with the game. There are a certain mechanics in the game that players have to learn in order to proceed. (eg. the up and left button are to be pressed at the same time to increase the speed)

The key features in this game are:

  • The portals mechanic that is apart of the puzzle
  • Exploring different enemy types throughout the levels
  • Puzzle solving with timing and precision

If you have any problems regarding to bugs please contact me via email at j.s.t.lim26@gmail.com


Project Steemo 10 MB

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